Quit spanking


It wasn’t long ago when a research by experts at the New Hampshire University stating that children who are smacked by their parents are less intelligent created some controversy in the media. Debates were raged on whether it could be said if children who were beaten up were less intelligent, and experts in India had a slightly different opinion

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Single Parents Meet Through Wonderful Ways


If you are on the dating market today and you are interested in single parents meet because you would like to experience dating for single parents, then let me tell you today that you there are many wonderful ways in how you could meet them. It’s not as impossible as you think it might be. In fact, there are many single parents today who are taking the risk again and going out into the dating world

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How to Get Your Kids Off of the Computer and Playing Outside


It seems that it happens in just about every family these days. No matter how active your child is or has the ability to be, they have the innate ability to settle down in front of the computer. While a little bit of computer time isn’t usually an issue, it can tend to become a real problem in most households. While kids used to be happy to play outside, nowadays they are bogged down with computer games and social media

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